Every September we celebrate God’s provision for us and remind one another of all the good things that God has given to us.

In response to God’s goodness we look to share monetary gifts as well as food with others either locally or around the world. This year, our Harvest celebrations will be taking place on Sunday 24th September and we have decided to support Chelmsford FoodBank with both types of gift, as they work to help local people in crisis.

Many people bless the FoodBank with gifts of food and toiletries throughout the year, for which they are incredibly grateful. However, did you know that to keep the FoodBank running costs around £1,400 per month? The FoodBank doesn’t receive any Government or Statutory Authority grants or income, so is reliant on donations in order to keep helping struggling families. Your monetary gift will help pay for warehousing costs, the part time salaries of the 2 paid staff, van fuel and maintenance and miscellaneous office costs.

The FoodBank doesn’t just distribute food parcels, though. You may have seen in previous editions of Teams Talk or Update details of 4Families. This project is run by the FoodBank during the school holidays and provides a nutritional meal and children’s activities for families who would normally receive free school meals during term time. The scheme helps families to combat the issue of holiday hunger and provides advice and access to other services to try to avoid clients becoming dependent on the FoodBank.

This Harvest, as well as giving financially to the FoodBank we will, as we have before, be collecting food gifts as a more tangible way that we can make a practical difference to the lives of those in our community. Each food parcel contains sufficient nutrition for the number of adults and children listed on the food voucher, for at least three days of healthy, balanced meals. Items they particularly require at this time are:

Tins of soup
Tinned potatoes
Ready made custard
Tea Bags (boxes of 160 or 240)
Tinned rice pudding
Packets of mashed potato

Other food items and non-food stuffs that would be appreciated are:

Tinned fruit
Tinned meat
Long life milk
Long grain rice
Tinned tomatoes
Bottles of squash
Tinned vegetables
Shaving cream
Washing up liquid

You can read more about the work of the FoodBank and how your donation will provide real help to local families on their website www.chelmsford.foodbank.org.uk


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