What are you doing on Monday 23rd - Friday 27th July, from 10am -12.15pm?

What are you doing on Monday 23rd - Friday 27th July, from 10am -12.15pm?

Why not come along to Central Baptist Church and join us for some fun and games?

If you are at primary school then you can come and join in the fun and learn some more about Jesus - we will be learning about what he said in some of the stories he told. You can invite your friends to come too.

Starting on Monday 23rd July at 10am the club runs for five mornings ending at approximately 12.15pm each day. The only exception to these timings is the Friday when relatives and friends are invited to join the children at 12pm for about an hour for the Grand Finale!

All primary school children (including those finishing year 6 and four year olds who have already attended a year of reception) are welcome to attend. Registration forms are available now and we would encourage pre-registration as this helps us to plan our activities and ensures we have the correct number of leaders. Every child requires their own registration form as age-related group registers are kept. We ask for a donation of £1 per child per day for those who are able to pay to cover the cost of craft, cooking ingredients etc.

One of the best things about holiday club is the opportunity to work with and get to know others from church. It is always great fun and a privilege to show God's love to children from our church and community.

For any further information please speak to either Sue Parrotte or Lesley Hodgson. To download the consent form, then follow this link:

Download Holiday Club Consent Form

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