CBC during COVID-19

In response to recent government advice, we have taken the hard decision to suspend all organised church activities, events and services involving people meeting together, with immediate effect. This includes Sunday services, and all regular groups run by or on behalf of the church, or held elsewhere (including home groups, and Home Central).

The church office will remain open (though closed to the public) for the time being, as we look to find ways to provide support to members of our church over the next few weeks - particularly focusing on our older members, and those who are more vulnerable. We'll be providing resources on our main YouTube channel, and our Youth and Children's worker's Bible Applied channel.

If you have questions about any of this, or if you need to get in touch, do email me at philmarsden@centralbaptistchelmsford.org. For now, please stay safe and keep the faith.


We know this is going to be a tough time for families, so we've got some resources that you can use.

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For kids to watch
  • Minno streams good Christian content. You may need to filter through some of the rubbish but there are some good finds in there.
  • If you are a Netflix subscriber then you have access to the newer series of Veggie Tales. Good for the younger audiences.
  • We have been watching SuperBook at church. Be aware that some of the episodes can mention death, sacrifice, blood etc., all biblical but maybe inappropriate for younger audiences.
  • Saddleback Kids as they have a load of resources for younger children. Lifekids is more aimed at the very young but can still be engaging.
  • Michael J. Tinker is a children’s Christian songwriter and performer. He has a live stream each day to check out:
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For kids to read
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For kids to do
  • Twinkl is a website for teachers but have opened up their resources to parents during the pandemic. They have whole day plans, it is brilliant! Link: http://twinkl.co.uk/offer, You used to have to use a code for this, if it asks you then use: parentstwinklhelps
  • If you haven’t already then sign up to Pinterest, it is full of ideas and free resources. It is particularly good for craft activities and ideas. Link: https://www.pinterest.co.uk.
  • Mustard Seeds have made their Easter Sunday school material freely available. If you wanted to do some more sit-down time with the children and focus on Easter then here are the links: Lesson 1 / Lesson 2 / Lesson 3 / Lesson 4; 'Dead or Alive' is a 2-part series Lesson 1 / Lesson 2
  • Lifeway Kids App: Available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play, the Lifeway Kids’ App gives you access to a range of curriculum options, including The Gospel Project, Explore the Bible, and Bible Studies for Life. You’ll need to pay to access specific units of study, but it’s worth it to access the games, colouring, videos and other content to help study the Bible with your children. Link: https://www.lifeway.com/en/shop/the-gospel-project/kids/app
  • Guardians of Ancora: A great game for children from Scripture Union
  • Christian Craft Ideas: Here is a list: https://wehavekids.com/education/all-christian-crafts
  • The Body Coach Jo Wicks is doing daily P.E. lessons which have been watched by millions, great for adults to join in with
  • If you want some family Devotions then check out https://mrphil.tv/ and give it a go.

There are some more ideas at https://www.pinterest.co.uk/gracefamilieschildrenandyouth/.

Resources for Young People in Self-Isolation

The Bible Applied

Go through Titus or 1 Thessalonians using the playlists at YouTube.com/TheBibleApplied. The Bible Applied will be releasing Family devotional material for parents and teens to do together soon, watch this space!

Photography Challenges:

Art Challenges

These can be limitless!! You can also find 30 day art challenges online, but here’s a few ideas to get you started:

World Record Challenges

Challenge the group to try and beat some silly world records:

Learn Something New Challenges