Oasis Café

You can find out more about Oasis Café by e-mailing Ann Dixon via the Church office at info@centralbaptistchelmsford.org.

A drop-in café serving good food at low prices.

Come and enjoy a snack in our Oasis Café, situated on the ground floor of our multifunctional church building.

Inside the church, in the friendship centre. Open Tuesdays to Fridays 10.30-1.30 during school term time. Our cafe is staffed by volunteers who are here to serve the community of Chelmsford on behalf of our church. All our food is freshly prepared to your order. We have high chairs and will heat food for your baby on request.

Each month we support a charity through any contributions our customers make and a percentage of the normal takings.



Coffee – Latte or Cappuccino: 80p
Instant Coffee – Regular or Decaffeinated: 60p
Hot Chocolate, Chocomilk or Mocha: 80p
Tea: 50p
Herbal Tea – various: 80p
Coke / Diet Coke / 7Up / Fanta: 60p
FAIRTRADE Fruit Juices: 60p
Squash – Orange or Apple & Blackcurrant: 30p
Glass of Milk: 60p


Toasted Teacake: 70p
Bread & Butter – white or brown: 30p per slice
Toast & Butter – white or brown: 40p per slice
Portion of Jam or Marmalade: 20p
Extra Butter: 10p
FAIRTRADE Chocolate Wafer: 20p
FAIRTRADE Geobars: 40p
Beans on 2 slices of Toast: £1.50


Served with brown or white bread & butter: £1.10
Choose from - Carrot & Coriander, Broccoli & Cauliflower,
Vegetable, Asparagus, Chicken or Mushroom


One filling of Ham, Cheese or Tuna: £1.50
Extra fillings: 40p
Tomato – added to filling: 10p extra
Toasted: 10p extra
Served with a salad garnish


Choose from - Ham & pineapple, Cheese or Pepperoni: £1.80
Served with a salad garnish

Jacket Potatoes

Plain with Butter: £1.60
Beans / Tuna / Cheese: £2.00
Beans & sausages / Chilli – meat or vegetable / Chicken in White Sauce or Sweet & Sour: £2.50
Extra filling: 50p


2 Scoops of Ice-Cream with a Sauce: 80p
Sauces available - Chocolate, Toffee or Strawberry

Hot Puddings

Spotted Dick, Chocolate Sponge, Sticky Toffee Sponge or Syrup Sponge served with custard or ice-cream: £1.50