Connect is our church magazine, published four times a year. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Spring 2017 Edition

published March 19th, 20176
In this edition Charlotte talks about prayer, we look at a shopping revolution, Lindsay is "Jibing at Sea", we think about Easter and more...

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Winter 2016 Edition

published December 4th, 2016
In this edition we look at Orange the World, Christmas Past & Present, Strictly, Jokes in the Bible and more...

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Autumn 2016 Edition

published September 4th, 2016
In this edition Alma tells us about her family's Duke of Edinburgh Award challenge, we think about the film Ben Hur, Sophie recounts her experiences in Kosovo and more...

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Summer 2016 Edition

published June 5th, 2016
In this edition Hannah tells us about her trip to Ethiopia, we see how small choices can make big differences, we hear the stories of four friends who were baptised at easter and more...

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Spring 2016 Edition

published March 6th, 2016
In this edition an article on bamboo socks(!), Richard tells us about his faith and teaching, the movie The 33, Naomi reflects on Sherlock and more...

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Winter 2015 Edition

published December 6th, 2015
In this edition Leesa reflects on the Christmas classic "It's a Wonderful Life"; we hear from Hadeth Baptist Church about their work with Syrian refugees; Emma thinks about the recent TV show Dr Foster and more...

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