Real Life

Read true stories of how people have come to faith in Jesus, and of how their faith is relevant to their everyday lives.


In 2010 I wasn’t a Christian. In January 2011 I wasn’t a Christian. And then, at the beginning of February, I took an Alpha course……

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Barry tells of some "Defining Moments" in his life as he discovers Jesus for himself.


The American singer Louis Armstrong would [...] have related closely to the words of a song which he sang: 'Nobody knows the trouble I've seen.' Born and raised in apartheid South Africa I know all about trouble.

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I grew up in a Christian family, having attending Sunday school and the boys brigade. I was often confused as a child why we had holidays from school but we did not have holidays from Sunday school but continued to go even if a little reluctant at times.

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Ruth works as an art therapist. She tells how her faith is relevant to her work.

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