Our Mission

We exist to ‘go Christ’s way and make disciples’.

This mission statement is based on the ‘Great Commandment’ (Matt 22.37-40), where Jesus teaches us to love one another, and the ‘Great Commission’ (Matt 28.18-20) where Jesus tells us to ‘go and make disciples’. As a church we are committed to a ‘holistic’ form of mission, whereby we seek to demonstrate the love of Christ in word and deed.

We want to model our mission on the mission of Jesus (see John 20:21). This means that our mission must be 'holistic', reflecting God's love and concern for every aspect of people's lives. If our mission is to be patterned on the mission of Jesus, then our evangelism must always go hand in hand with costly, compassionate service.

Our mission includes winning people to Christ and to his church (see Matt 28:18-20). But our evangelism must go beyond just calling men and women to decide for Christ, but must include discipleship. As Jesus himself made clear (e.g. Mark 8:34), discipleship is costly and involves an ongoing commitment to follow Jesus. Inevitably this means going 'against the stream' of world opinion - it means making Jesus Lord of every area of our lives.