Our Vision

Our vision is to “Equip God's people to make a difference wherever they are".

We believe that the Church – God’s people together in fellowship and individually - exists to be God’s ambassadors to the world. We are seeking every day to make our vision a reality with God’s help by encouraging, supporting and equipping one another individually and as a fellowship to:

Live our lives in a way that honours God. We want worship and prayer to be an intrinsic part of our life together as a fellowship. For that to happen, our individual lives must also have prayer and worship at their centre so that we demonstrate, individually and as a fellowship, that we are God’s people, and that He makes a difference to everyday living.

Grow in faith and love of God. We are learning to look for God in the everyday. We want to be better at knowing what God expects of us, and responding positively! We want a deeper understanding of what we believe. We want to learn how to make that knowledge relevant to who we are and what we do so that we can fulfil the potential God has created in us individually and together as a fellowship.

Share our faith where we are day to day. We are looking to deepen our understanding of our faith; to become better at recognizing opportunities to share it; to develop the confidence we need to share Christ’s love with others as a fellowship and, importantly, as individuals.

Care for others – our church family and those in the world. We believe we are a welcoming community of God’s people, but we want to do more and do it better. Caring for those we love is easy, caring for those we dislike or fear is much harder. So, too, is allowing others to care for us. It is easy to judge others and be critical. It is helping others to recognise what they need to change in a way that encourages them and supports them in that change that is difficult. We are committed to caring for each other; and to learning how to be better at doing the harder thing that Jesus commands us to do – to share His love with our neighbours.

Share Christ’s love through service in our local community and wider society. We are a city-centre church. As a fellowship, we are committed to sharing Christ’s love with the wider City and, importantly for us, the new “parish” that is growing up on our doorstep. This is a new, exciting opportunity for us. We are working through how we might best build bridges with our new neighbours and be their “local” church, while continuing to sustain the social actions that support the wider community.