Daniel 5 - What's In A Name?

7th July, 2019

Daniel 5 - What's In A Name?

A sermon preached on 7th July, 2019, as part of our Daniel series.

Daniel 5

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Reading is Daniel ch 5, in sections during sermon. The words written on the wall were MENE, MENE, TEKEL, and PARSIN (singular PERES), which can be interpreted as Number, Number, Weight, and Divisions ("you have been measured and found too light").

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Phil Marsden

Phil Marsden

Phil received his call to full-time ministry as a child and since the age of 19 has served with Youth For Christ, the Baptist Missionary Society and several large churches before taking up his present role as Ministry Team Leader at Central Baptist Church. Phil’s a visionary leader with a heart to share the good news of Jesus and to see the church grow.

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