Basic Christianity 1 -- "In the Beginning... God".
(9th September 2018 – Phil Marsden)

In this extended sermon, Phil introduces his series on Basic Christianity for autumn 2018. Reading (about half-way through) is Isaiah 40:18-31 (NIV), with various references. (The service was followed by Communion.)

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This sermon is on Isaiah 40:18-31.

This sermon is part of the series Basic Christianity..

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Basic Christianity.
(9th September 2018 – )

Series for morning services from September to December 2018.

Sermon Passage
Basic Christianity 1 -- "In the Beginning... God". – 9th September 2018 Isaiah 40:18-31
Basic Christianity 2 -- The Truth About Jesus. – 16th September 2018 Luke 1:1-4

About the Speaker

This sermon was given by Phil Marsden.