Basic Christianity 10 -- Being Part of the Church.

9th December, 2018

Basic Christianity 10 -- Being Part of the Church.

A sermon preached on 9th December, 2018, as part of our Basic Christianity. series.

Acts 2:42-47.

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Reading is Acts 2:42-47 ("The Fellowship of the Believers" from NIV), with various references, including Eph 2:21-22. The all-age part of the service earlier featured people drawing their ideas of what 'church' meant; the sermon was followed by Communion.

About the Speaker

Phil Marsden

Phil Marsden

Phil received his call to full-time ministry as a child and since the age of 19 has served with Youth For Christ, the Baptist Missionary Society and several large churches before taking up his present role as Ministry Team Leader at Central Baptist Church. Phil’s a visionary leader with a heart to share the good news of Jesus and to see the church grow.

Basic Christianity.


What is ‘The Church’?

Purpose: to express what it means to be God’s children, share gospel and make disciples

Capital C: Worldwide church - all true Christian’s are part of God’s family
Smaller c: The local church - groups of Christians that commit to meet together

Baptism: Entry into worldwide church
Membership: Committed to local church

Different types: Catholic & Protestant? - Reformation 500yrs ago…saved by faith not works
Denominations: Governance & practice - groups of churches sharing ideals and support

A New Testament Church model: Acts 2: 42-47
Teach, fellowship, meals, prayer, share, witness

Reasons to be part of the church:

  1. To fulfil God’s will: Eph 5:25 ‘As Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her’
  2. To follow biblical pattern: Heb 10:25 ‘Let us not give up meeting together as some are’
  3. To learn and grow: 1Tim 4:13 ‘Devote to public reading of scripture, preach, teaching’
  4. To break bread together: 1Cor 11:33 ‘So then brothers, when you come together to eat’
  5. To join in corporate praise: Ps 149:1 ‘Sing to the Lord praise, in assembly of the saints’
  6. To join others in prayer: Mt 18:20 ‘Where two or three gather in my name, there am I’
  7. To be a greater witness: Jn 13:35 ‘Know we’re Jesus disciples by love for one another’
  8. To help play our part: 1Cor 12:27 ‘You are the body of Christ, each one of you is a part’
  9. To support one another: Php 4:14 ‘Good of your church to give and share in my trouble’
  10. To stay accountable: Mt 18:17 ‘If he sins and refuses to listen to you, tell it the church’

The Church exists:

  1. For our benefit: Teaching, discipling, fellowship, communion, joint prayer, support
  2. For God’s glory: Celebration of oneness through Christ, join in corporate worship
  3. For world’s sake: Greater witness, ministry and mission opportunities, salt n light

The Church is:

  1. A Family: God is our Father and he wants us to be as one (Gal 6:10 / Rom 8:16)
  2. A Body: Part of the body of Christ, we each play a part (Rom 12:5 / Gal 3:26-28)
  3. A Bride: Jesus calls the church his bride, he’s coming back for (Eph 5:25-27; 32)

Your Church:

  1. Be practically involved: Ministry (band, cater, visit), home group, social events, etc
  2. Be genuinely committed: become a member, attend regularly, give, pray, join in etc
  3. Be a positive participant: Come to focus on loving God, others, make notes in talk etc