Basic Christianity 4 -- Why Bother With Baptism?
(7th October 2018 – Phil Marsden)

Reading is Matthew 3:13-17, with references to Acts 16:33, Rom 6:1-11, Col 2:12, Matt 10:32-33, Rom 10:9, Matt 28:19-20 ("The Great Commission"), and various verses in Acts.

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This sermon is on Matthew 3:13-17.

This sermon is part of the series Basic Christianity..

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What is baptism?
…Baptise (in Greek) = plunge, soak, sink, drown or drench!
…In biblical terms it’s the full immersion in water of those who repent and follow Jesus

Who can be baptised?
…Anyone who’s repented and decided to follow Jesus…‘believer’s baptism’
…N.B. babies can’t do this, but parents can ‘dedicate’ child to God until they can decide

Why should we be baptised?
…Follow Jesus example (Mt 3:16) …he was baptised, said it’s right, we’re his followers
…Identify with Jesus (Col 2:12) …die to sin, bury in baptism, rise to a new life with him
…Declare Jesus publicly (Mt 10:32) …a biblical way to declare and demonstrate our faith
…Obey Jesus command (Mt 28:19) …he told us to, wants us to, show obedience this way

When should we be baptised?
…As soon as possible after becoming a Christian!
…Acts 2:38-41 3000 saved and baptised on same day
…Acts 8:12-13 When they believed…they were baptised
…Acts 8:35-38 He believed…saw some water…got baptised
…Acts 10:47-48 God accepted them…who could stop baptism!
…Acts 22:16 What are you waiting for…get up and be baptised!

Why don’t we always get baptised straight away?
…They understood faith quicker due to the religious climate…we help people understand
…They had plenty of public water and a good climate…we don’t always and the UK’s cold!
…They didn’t have years of church tradition to confuse them…we debate, dispute it’s need
…They didn’t think they had to be perfect or good up front…we try to be perfect and worry

Where should we get baptised?
…Anywhere with enough water to be submerged (river, sea, baths, baptism pool etc.)
…John 3:23 Aenon was a good place because there was plenty of water!

Why do we usually do baptisms in church?
…The early church didn’t have baptism pools, but churches use them today because:
…The weathers often too cold outside
…It’s more convenient, it’s where we meet
…It associates baptism with the church
…It can help introduce others to the church

Jesus gave us two key ordinances…
…1) Communion: To remember Christ’s death for us
…2) Water baptism: To remember our death for Christ

Baptism is an appropriate, biblical and God given response to the Gospel
…So “what are you waiting for? Get up, be baptised and wash your sins away!” (Ac 22:16)

Basic Christianity.
(9th September 2018 – )

Series for morning services from September to December 2018.

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This sermon was given by Phil Marsden.